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About Us

Rights of Members

The rights of the members of the Association:

  • To participate, with voice and vote in the meetings of the General Assembly of the House, both ordinary and extraordinary. Legal persons or associations exercise their right to vote through their legal representative or a person duly authorised.
  • To elect and be elected to any posts in the Association.
  • To receive the support and advice of the Association in all aspects related to the aims that it pursues.
  • Use the services of the Association, in accordance with the regulations imposed by the Board. In principle, the services provided by the Association to its members are free. However, if the Board considers it appropriate, may indicate differential rates for all or some of the services provided by the Association.
  • Receive all publications and bulletins in print or electronic form issued by the Association.
  • To participate in all relevant public events organised by the Association.
  • To examine the balance sheets, accounts, and reports to be submitted by the Board in accordance with Articles of the Association.

Obligations of Members

  • Provide support for the Association to achieve its objectives and goals.
  • Cover the value of the ordinary and extraordinary fees within the stipulated time frame.
  • Comply with the provisions of the General Assembly and the Board and the provisions of these Articles and other regulations of the Association.
  • Give notice to the Association on any changes to occur in its corporate purpose and legal structure, as well as change of address or residence.

Rights and Obligations of Honorary Members

The rights of the members of the Association:

  • Honorary members shall have all the privileges and obligations with the exception that they do not have to pay membership fees. However, they can make donations or contributions to the Association, on their own behalf or through entities of public or private law. At meetings of the General Assembly, they will have a voice but no vote.