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About Us

Powers of Association

The Association shall further have the powers:

  • To purchase, alienate and sell the movable and immovable properties of whatsoever description and wheresoever situated.
  • To expand the Association funds on maintenance, construction, improvement, alteration or demolition of buildings on land either belonging to the Association.
  • To invest or deposit any amounts of money not immediately required for any of its objects in such a manner as may from time to time be determined by Association provided that the interest, increment or profit deriving from such investment shall be applied solely to the furtherance of its objects;
  • To borrow money and if necessary mortgage the immovable property or pledge the leasehold or movable property of the Association as security thereof.
  • To let and hire properties.
  • To allow any person to occupy any building belonging to the Association free of charge or at a rental.
  • To pay all rates and taxes and other expenses incurred in connection with the administration of the Association.
  • To employ persons to carry out the objects of the Association and pay them out of the Association funds.
  • To appoint an agent or agents to represent the Association.
  • To take action in a Court of Law or to compel fulfilment of obligations in its favour, and also to defend any proceedings that may be instituted against the Association.
  • To allow time for payment of debts to the Association and to compromise claims by the Association in their discretion.
  • To accept and receive donations from any person or body corporate and to work for and obtain sufficient capital for the purpose of carrying out and promoting the aims and objects of the Association; to administer donations subject to the terms and conditions laid down by the donors or testators, provided that such conditions are not inconsistent with the aims and objects of the Association.
  • To collect membership subscriptions, annual or otherwise.