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About Us

Aim & Objectives

Interest representation

To defend and promote the interests of all members, and in particular:

  • To promote bonds of friendship and cooperation between the people of India and Namibia of all descriptions in line with the purposes of the Association.
  • To promote cultural, social welfare, educational, recreational, health and wellbeing, research, capacity building, science and technology ties between India and Namibia with the objective of strengthening the friendly relations between the two nations.
  • To promote social activities through action and engagement in such a manner between India and Namibia as shall be in the mutual interest of all members engaged in social and related activities.


Strengthen the bonds of friendship between India and Namibia, inter alia, through providing services to its members in both countries; fostering educational, health and wellbeing, recreational and cultural activities and promoting contacts and understanding between the Association and public and private organisations that are related to its mandate and purposes. These includes:

  • To promote bonds of friendship and cooperation between the people of India and Namibia.
  • To perform social activities through action and engagement.
  • To help the community people affected by natural disasters.
  • To work with the local authorities, voluntary organisations, community organisations and inhabitants on issues of common interest.
  • To work towards establishing a community centre for facilitating community resource center, media resources, museum, library and activity hub for youth, adults, etc. and managing and maintaining it in consonance with statutory authorities. The centre would be available for programs and ceremonies not only to the Indian community but also to others as decided and authorised by the executive committee.
  • To exchange knowledge and ideas by participating in local and international events as a participant or speaker at such places as may be advisable with a view to achieving the purposes of the Association and disseminate the information to the members of the Association.
  • To organise and run training courses, lectures, exhibitions, social events, classes, symposia, talks, workshops and conferences.
  • To raise awareness of the Association and contributions of the Indian and Namibian community in the various media, in academic institutions, in business sectors, and in matters of public interest.
  • To encourage and support special wellbeing programs and activities for children, youth, adults, women, and senior citizens.
  • To undertake research in order to enable the Association to formulate appropriate strategies for resolving perceived challenges in achieving its purposes and mandate.
  • To facilitate Indian community needs through cultural, social, economic and educational activities.
  • To help members of the Association in times of personal difficulties.
  • To liaise with Namibian Government and local bodies for the benefit of the members of Association and community.
  • To provide information on cultural, educational, recreational, technological, health and wellbeing, and matters of interest to all members of the Association via electronic media.
  • To provide Association members with an advisory service such as they may require within the scope of the mandate of the Association.
  • Any other objects that may from time to time be established by the AGM.

Networking and Partnership

To establish and maintain networks and collaborations with individuals, private sector, public sector, non-governmental organisations, with a view to achieving the purposes of the Association and in particular:

  • To establish linkages between various stakeholders and develop a network of such links to make Association truly a learning hub for a variety of activities to serve the community, address its issues, and meet its needs.
  • To organise and participate in cultural festivals and events, enabling people to express their views on broader cultural and social issues and to promote bonds of friendship between the two countries.
  • To establish and maintain contacts with other Associations, and Organisations throughout the world in an endeavour to cooperate with them, and derive benefits from such cooperation. Specially to promote and foster contacts between similar Associations of India and Namibia.
  • To participate in educational events for wider networking and to identify partners and collaborators with the necessary expertise, contacts, and resources to support expanded activities.
  • To promote networking and collaborating with colleagues, people with support needs, family members, carers, health professionals, computer professionals or other experts, building and maintaining good relationships with individuals is a vital skill.
  • To work with the local authorities, voluntary organisations, community organisations and inhabitants on issues of common interest.


To actively promote, support development issues, and in particular:

  • To work for human resource development and capacity building of its members of the two countries in partnership with the governments of the two countries.
  • Conclude and implement the Articles of the Association; provision of services necessary or appropriate for the achievement of its purpose.
  • Other Articles as assigned by the General Assembly or by the Board of the Association.